Friday, July 1, 2011


The temples are unbelievable.

Yesterday we took a tuk tuk (motorbike with a 4 passenger cart on the back, open air, which cost us $10 total for the entire day) around to view some of the temples. We let our driver take us to the ones he liked the most. They are huge and incredibly ornate. at the front of every temple you are barraged by children trying to sell you postcards or some other cheap tourist gifts. We got a guide for a little bit in the first temple we went to, which was a fusion (hindu and buddhist) temple. there was an incredible amount of carvings or stone devices in the temple for fertility. also almost every wall was covered either in etching or a full out carving.

A lot of the heads have been stolen off the statues and sold to the black market but that doesnt happen anymore because they are all guarded 24/7 now. Its interesting to walk around such huge and powerful temples and wonder how a civilization so large could possibly collapse.

Everything here can be bargained down, from food to drinks and everything in between. The fruit is incredible and cheap and we tried fried banana chips yesterday and a decent size bag was only $.25

last night we went out with our british friends to pub street which is like a tiny bourbon street. they have these fish tanks where you put your feet in and the fish eat your dead skin... that was an interesting experience.

Theres pizza everywhere and we can only presume its because all of the westerners get really sick of pad thai and fried noodles really quickly.
There are babies everywhere and lila is in baby heaven every time we walk down the street. Everyone here is super friendly and people will always smile back or give you a friendly wave when you are riding down the street.

We're off to the temples again today in our tuk tuk!

from the land of fried food, dirty streets, and many smiles



  1. Ah, Lila and her babies:). Sounds AMAZING! xoxox

  2. Temples sound really great!

    Then, what did you do????

  3. I'm so jealous of your life right now