Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leaving For Thailand Part Deux

So this was the first post that we wrote on our first blog. Jason misspelled caucasians (he spelled it cauacasians) but here is our new and improved blog!


Welcome to the most exciting blog in the world! We leave for Thailand today at 7pm from JFK in NYC. We stayed with our friends Marc and Juli 2 nights ago and with Jason's cousin Arielle last night. Last night Jason's uncle David and aunt Janine took us out to dinner with the cousins to a restaurant called Pulinos. It was some of the most mouthwatering Italian food we have ever had. We than went out for some drinks on the town only to have Bretts fake i.d. rejected like an awkward girl at prom.
Lila just finished a trip to Utah with her family and I just finished a roadtrip to Colorado's Rocky Mountains with my friend Jeremy. The adventures continue so check back for updates!!!

Jason and Lila

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  1. Haillo,
    guess who eets carolushky! haha i loved the old post about my accent and the people weef them. I read all of yo blogs so far eet to me like an hour. haha. anyways i hope you guys are having a blast. eet sounds like eet oh and loved the story about breaking into the school cafeteria. bahahaha. love you guys. love always,
    caroline, carolushky, carolittle, and borat